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About this blog

Hi, my name is Ward Minnis and you’ve stumbled onto a blog of mine.

Now the back story: I’ve had this URL (Mental Slavery dot com) for a long time, probably around 2002 or so, and never did anything with it… I tried here and there, like I got some t-shirts made that I still wear every now and again…I bought the name not long after I left the Jehovah’s Witness cult 5 years ago, I wanted to do something to protest my 25 years of mental captivity and celebrate my freedom.

Yes. I’m calling the Jehovah’s Witnesses a cult. If you think that my time-served there doesn’t entitle me to an opinion, then gee, you and I aren’t going to get on very well. See a part of the problem was that I never knew what to do with this URL. What do you do with a website called Mentalslavery?

Hopefully I now have the answer. I’m thinking of a lively and colorful blog with essays, cartoons and other stuff that looks out into this crazy, fucked up world, but only from my crazy, fucked up perspective, of course. I’m hoping to put up new posts around twice a month. Just so you know.

In my time in the “real world” and through my efforts to de-program myself I realize that it’s not only cults that can brain-wash people. It’s some kind of global, corporate, elite conspiracy that has successfully lulled most of us to sleep.

Time to get up.