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Debate on Barack Obama.

Democracy Now! | Barack Obama and the African American Community: A Debate with Michael Eric Dyson and Glen Ford:

The above link will take you to an excellent debate on DemocracyNOW concerning the impact of Barack Obama and the implications of an Obama presidency on black people.

I especially like this quote from Glen Ford:

We’re in this era of firsts, and the ultimate first, a first—possibly a first black president. But we already had two firsts. Colin Powell was one of them, and Condoleezza Rice, his successor as secretary of state [was another]. How did that redound to the benefit of black people for the United States to have a black – put a black face on imperialism, on aggressive war, on violations of international law? How does that make black people look better in the world? Is that the kind of burden that black people want to carry around?

Again, a problem is that Obama, through no fault of his own, has to carry a burden for ‘black people’. And this is whether he wants to or not. Just ask Tiger Woods for his opinion on this. I believe that Obama does deploy his blackness strategically, and so the criticisms are warranted. But as Ford points out, a black-face (I mean this in both senses of the term) on imperialism is not something to hope for.


#1 Global Voices Online » Bahamas, USA: Obama’s Impact on 01.19.08 at 10:00 am

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#2 Peter Osei on 02.17.08 at 10:24 am

If you think that Obama is carrying a burden for black people, is it a problem for you? Why do you have a problem, as it seem in the article wrote? Let us {black people} be, your kind is equal in ways and had their days, so let us receive our blessings now…America is in trouble now for what they did to God’s people, judgement is at hand in the beautiful country of Egypt, Africa.

#3 main slave on 02.17.08 at 11:10 am

@ Peter Osei, Umm… did you know that I’m black?

#4 beny on 08.28.08 at 2:50 pm

take yourselves out of the matrix.

#5 main slave on 08.29.08 at 9:17 am

@beny – Neo? Is that you?

#6 Biata on 10.13.08 at 11:28 pm

These comments confused me. What is everyone talking about? Black in mind or skin?

#7 main slave on 10.14.08 at 5:38 am

@ Biata – probably a bit of both. I can agree with the confusion though. They do seem like unrelated tangents / knee-jerk reactions to the above… too bad they didn’t come back to clarify their points. And yes. I confess. I was trying to be the devil’s advocate. :)

#8 breya on 04.02.09 at 2:22 pm

i just wish black ppl would change their ways now that we have a black president
beacause what we do affects him!~

#9 shreyama on 05.20.09 at 6:39 am

i agree breya
but i dont get if
this is metal slavery
or not

#10 Jesper on 10.25.09 at 9:32 am

Firstly, the fact that you refer to a golfer doesnt really add to your credability. Moreover, the statement that Barack Obama should somehow be a burden to the black community is prepostrous, I mean, all that Barack Obama has accomplished in these short nine months has been incredibly beneficial for the united states of america, and incredibly inspirational to the rest of the world. It is not a matter of a burden placed upon the black community, but rather an honor. Obama has shown that he is a great speaker, a great visionary and great in carrying out these visions of his. He has further shown that a black man can accomplish just as much as any white man if he was raised by a loving family and encouraged to study and carry on his good work. Barack Obama is only human, a mortal like any of us, but he has accomplished a great deal inspite of all adversary these past months, and he inspires us to strive, and rise above ourselves. These are not just words, great men lead by example, not by the gun!

#11 lemuel on 11.30.09 at 8:21 am

i wish democratic will redeem us from the kind of perception that these folks have on us we can do more than what they have done

#12 anil on 02.24.10 at 5:36 am

amerika is number one in the world, world is creation on nature.. nature is owned by suprme power and everything belongs to god then why r u worring and saying black and white? Gandhiji from India made it clere then think like him man,….

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