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Mental Slavery T-shirts

The t-shirts deserve at least a mention.

emancipate yourself from mental slavery
The original design.

Leave the thinking to us says the oligarchy
Second design, signed by the Oligarchy…

About 4 years ago I put these designs together, printed a couple of shirts in white, black and grey and figured I would get to the website later. I sold a few, gave away a few at Christmas and kept some for myself. The tag-line under the logo, “emancipate yourself” is a clear allusion to Bob Marley’s famous “Redemption Song”. Interestingly enough that reference wasn’t in my conscious mind at the time…

The second design, which is on the ringer tee, “Leave the thinking to us – signed by the Oligarchy” was my attempt to create a certain mythology around the site. I was going to create this shadowy, mysterious group called the Oligarchy that was to be a stand in for all of the larger-than-us influences in our lives, big brother, the church, the state, the media, the corporations; in a word, ‘them’. I never got further than the tee-shirt.

Now that there actually is a site to go along with the logo and those tee-shirts that were floating around as advertising for the last five years, I thought that I should relaunch them. So I logged onto Cafe press and set it up. So visit the Cafe press store, and check the products out. Its a little late for Christmas gifts I know, and for that I apologize. If you have an opinion, let me know what you think in the comments section. I’ll get a feedback form on the site in the new year too. I hope to get some more designs going in 2008 so stay tuned for more stuff.

And if I don’t write anything more in the next few days, and that is quite likely, have a merry Christmas, happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year.

-main slave

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#1 Mariam, from Iran on 07.25.08 at 1:30 am

well I mailed you again to say I liked your idea very much and that there are a few people like you in the world, though we may have a complately different commentary from the word freedom
and that I forgot to ask where you are from? is it USA?

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